Soul Journey!
28 September - 5 October 2020

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It is time to bring our souls back to beauty, joy and a deeper connection with our higher selves! This journey to Peru will show you the way back to the "Garden of Eden" with its abundance of Pachamamas beauty. To be touched on a deeper level by the high frequencies of these powerful Inca sites such as Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley with its temples and holy mountains.
We will have days filled with meditations, hikes, ceremonies, inner work & connection with nature. Come join us and make your heart sing

"We are here to remember that we are divine beings and co creators of this world.
So how can we dream a new beautiful dream together to honor ourselves, each other and this planet. Let´s do it!"
Yankay Munay Yachay

Medicine Woman Shamanic Training
Reawaken your spirit and your souls true purpose.
Balance the modern world with the ancient teachings of the indigenous.
It is time for us women to fully step into our own power and remember who we truly are.
Awaken that inner joy, creativity, goddess power and connection with nature.

Come in harmony and reconnect with Mother Earth - Pachamama and the Universal principles.
Beautiful ceremonies and rituals for both individuals and groups where we honor all elements of the Universe.
Here we can give our blessings to Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and our Star sisters and brothers.
We also can put in our intentions and dreams to fuel the manifestation.