1:1 Distance Session
Investment: 800kr (76€ / 80$)
To ensure your booking. a pre payment is required.
Book your session by e-mail; annika@annikapanotzki.com

Chakra Reading & Clearing

You can book a session from all over the world.
During that day/time of your session Annika will tune into your energy and gather information for your guidance.
She will cleanse your chakras and see if there are any old patterns and behaviours that need to be cleared during that particular session.
Annika will call upon your power animal to assist your continuing inner journey.

This session is done on an energetical level without your participation on a physical plane or contact through phone/ skype etc.
After the session you will get an email with details about your reading and the work that Annika has done.

Sessions 1:1
60-90 minutes
Investment: 1100kr
Book your session by e-mail; annika@annikapanotzki.com

Ancient powerful healing and balancing from the shamans of Peru.
We cleanse your energy body - light body from heavy energy - Hucha, and look deeply into your energy system and the chakras.
Annika is trained in tracking energy with the shamanic training she has been practicing for many years.
Often energy is blocked on a deeper unconscious level and needs to be cleared.
After the deep cleanse you will receive light energy - Sami, to heal, balance and uplift your spirit.
An individual session is unique for every person , blending various techniques depending on need.

Restore harmony and balance in your body, mind and spirit. Cleansing of your energetic body and chakras.
Refilling with pure light to heal and uplift the spirit.

Extraction with
Vogel Quartz Crystal
Clearing of negative and unwanted karmic patterns and crystalline energies, that are stucked in the energetic body ( as imprints and energy forms). This can also be ancestral patterns from lineage of mother or father and curses. This to regain your natural flow and to end negative karmic timelines for yourself and generations to come.

Soul Retrievel

We call back that soul part that we lost during trauma, shock or soul contracts. This to experience a new sense of wholeness and harmony.

Destiny Retrievel

We will track what is there for you to experience in your higher calling. Here we can download potential, gifts and and clear your limiting believes that stand in your way for your souls mission.

For who
for you that are tired, drained and feel heavy in energy
when you need to re boost and clear your chakras and energy system
for you that feel stuck in your life and in certain patterns
for you with chronic pain in your body and out of balance
when you lived with fear and feel ready to go beyond
for you that have an inner calling or dream and need help to clear the way for it to happen
when you had trauma and wounds from your childhood or your past
for you that is a parent and wants some guidance and clearing
for couples and relationships that are stuck in negative patterns
for you that need to own your power again and regain your life force
for everyone that longs for more joy, creativity and uplifted energy
for you that have negative patterns and draw in the same energy over and over again (relationship, boss, friends etc)
for you that feel stuck in negativity and depression
for you that have an unhealthy relationship with your body
for you that wants to evolve on your spiritual path