Reawaken your spirit and your souls true purpose.
Balance the modern world with the ancient teachings of the indigenous.
It is time for us women to fully step into our own power and remember who we truly are.
Awaken that inner joy, creativity, goddess power and connection with nature.

In this training we combine ancient teachings and initiations from the Inca lineage with conscious body
movement, open floor dance, sacred rituals and ceremonies.
We will explore and go deep into the mysteries of ancient Inca shaman wisdom. We will apply that high vibrating knowledge to our own life experience and bring that knowledge all the way to embodiment in our physical bodies.

This training will raise the sacred feminine and teach you how to align with Moon phases, cycles of nature and give you knowledge of healing herbs. We work closely with our own mother earth, Pachamama, to ground and reconnect with our inner feminine power. The fierce, flowing, juicy, creative power that now is calling us to rise. We balance that power with our sacred inner masculine force, the supportive, centered, stabilizing, holding, action power. The yin and yang. Expansion and contraction. Life and death. Polarities that creates worlds.
We learn how to harmonize those powers inside ourselves, and therefor create that change in our outer relationships as well.
We will embody through movement and dance.

Our program is formed like a Medicine Wheel. (the traditional shamanic trainings) and Open floor movement practice.
We will go through the four directions, each supported by the four life forces, symbolized by an archetypal power animal. (one course is one direction).
During each direction you will build your own bundle of medicine stones to use in your healing work for yourself and others.

This is the first Direction of the Wheel.
You you traditionally start your journey with this direction.

The archetype of the Serpent teaches us how to heal old wounds and stories.
To leave the past behind so we can leave fully in the now.. All those limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves.
The Serpent shows us how to crawl out of that old skin so we can write a new story..
The Incas say that we are already in the "Garden of Eden" with abundance and beauty everywhere.
We just need to clear our perception so we can look upon the world with new eyes..
We connect with nature, our own body, worthiness and the sacred feminine.
We free ourselves from judgment, victimhood and limits. We reawaken a new consciousness.

During the rest of the year we will continue with the directions of the North and East. More info about that soon.

Where is the magic happening
An urban version in the city of Stockholm and Södermalm.
We will share space in the magical urban oasis "Conscious Life Center" known for its calm and almost temple-like atmosphere. Here we will be during processes, dance, sharings and ceremonies. For some work we will meet up in nearby forest & nature sites.

The South direction 6-9 of December held in
"Conscious Life Center" during day/evening time.
Afternoon tea with raw balls, fruits and healthy snacks every day.
Total amount 8500 SEK
It is possible to make a payment plan if needed!

Good to know
- the final payment is due latest 5th of December
- 50 % of the total amount is refundable with a medical certificate from a doctor if cancellation less than 1 month before start
- if cancellation is more than one month before start the whole amount minus registration fee is refunded.
The registration fee is 3500 SEK to guarantee your spot
- the registration fee is non refundable
- the registration fee will be subtracted from the total amount on the final payment

Not included
Not included in this special urban training
transfer to and from Conscious Life Center (flight, boat, train, bus, car etc)
accomondation and food

We warmly welcome you to a magical journey with us!!!
Annika & Mari

Your guides on this journey

Mari Ljungqvist

Therapist and teacher in Shamanic medicine, Psychosynthesis and Open Floor conscious therapeutic movement.
She lives and works in both Palma Mallorca and Stockholm and leads groups around the world. Open floor conscious movement opens up for magical transformations!
Mari follows her life's purpose by constantly building bridges between the unconscious and the conscious, where her passion for dance and movement permeates her entire essence. When we use dance to become fully embodied, physically, emotionally, consciously, it simply means we are wonderfully alive.
That means we are present for what is offered: LOVE, LOSE, COLLECT, LEARN, CREATE, FEEL.
With Mari's genuine guiding through the body and soul, energies are transformed in a deep and inner way.

Annika Panotzki

Annika Panotzki is a modern spiritual leader initiated by the lineage of Inca Shamanism and the indigenous of the Andes.
Her vision is to reawaken the ancient wisdom in our modern society.
She creates circles for women to evolve, transform & empower themselves.
Annika holds Moon circles, powerful ceremonies, shamanic healing sessions and is one of the main teachers of the shamanic training "Medicine Woman Training-Awakening of the Shaman".
Annika holds a deep knowledge in plants, herbs, superfoods and food for the energy system.
Her book "Regnbågsmat- för ökad energi och hållbar hälsa" is now out in stores. You can find it at Annika also is the co owner of the spiritual center Conscious Life Center in Stockholm